The Copyright covers both NATURAL name and the STRAWMAN

What we require from you to produce a common law Copyright Notice is as follows:

1. Your Full NAME at BIRTH:.....
We can either show "and all derivatives and variations in the spelling thereof" or specifically spell out these various other names (The former is simpler and more comprehensive) but enter here names which are entirely different.
2. Date of Birth.....
3. Social Security Number .....
4. The number of your Hold-Harmless and Indemnity Agreement ..... .. and date of this document .. .. (you dictate the date). This reference number is something you decide upon - it could be for example: your initials-date-HHIA which might become: "XXXXX-020112-HHIA" or whatever you wish it to be.
5. Default amount is usually $600,000 US worldwide , but you can choose a different amount ..if you wish or specify a different currency.. ..for offences in your own country .. .. as compared to outside the country.
6. Money Order for $500 US . This covers the creation of the standard document, as well as the actual publishing on the Internet.
There will be an extra charge for translating a non-standard (self-compiled) document into HTML for Internet publishing.


E-mail us for the address to which payment can be sent.
You can usually view your Notice the following day on the Internet and check it again for accuracy. We will provide you with the exact location by e-mail.
Corrections due to our error, misinterpretation or your misunderstanding would be made at no charge.
Other sources charge up to $1,300 or more for exactly the same service.
If you cannot download it conveniently from the Internet, we can send you a copy so that you can SIGN IT IN RED INK.
This would be sent by Express Post at an extra charge.

© Milson Macleod 2002

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