It is unlawful for the sovereign State of Queensland in the Commonwealth of Australia to incorporate a church. In keeping with the Great Charter of the Liberties of England, Canada and the United States of America regarding the establishment and free exercise of the Claim of Liberty, this Corporation Sole is not, and cannot be, a creation of the sovereign State of Queensland or any other State or Territory. The filing of this written instrument as a Public Notice is for the purpose of notification only of this lawful office as a vice-regent of the Sovereign Creator.

CARDINAL PROTECTOR OF BRISBANE, and its successors, a Corporation Sole, derives its powers of existence from our Creator, the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Esu Emmanuel (Jesus the Christ). It has not been created as an entity, or juris ficta. David Stephen Brock, sui juris, suae potestate esse, has been ecclesiastically and commercially petitioned by the elders and those closely associated with FIRST CHURCH of ST GERMAIN, a church and unincorporated spiritual assembly, to accept such responsibilities.

Claim of liberty and the right to contract are protected by the Great Charters of Liberties of England and Canada, The Law of Nations, The Magna Carta, The Petition of Rights, the Bill of Rights, The Charters of Freedom of the United States (The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights) and the lex non scripta.


Overseer: David Stephen Brock
Agent: David Stephen Brock
Address: 23/670 Trouts Rd Aspley, Brisbane, Australia, near 4034
Mailing Address: c/o PO Box 453 Hamilton Central, Brisbane, Australia, near 4007.
Secretary Jason Giles Farnham


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